Brihat Samhita and Sun Significations

Brihat Samhita and Sun Significations

Brihat Samhita is a monumental work on Jyotish especially Mundane Astrology by Great Varahmihra who is held in high esteem after Parashar in Jyotish Literature and whose books have reached us intact till now on Horary. Natal, Mundane and Astronomy.

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The Sun is the Lord of the region at the source of the river Narmada; of Bengal, Kalinga; of  Sakas;  Yavanas; of  Magdha,  Sabra, Praagjyotisha, Cambodia and China.

He is also the Lord of hunters, of people living on either side of Vindhyas and Satpuras,of those living on the southern side of river Jumna and the Dravidians living in the first half of the south. He’s the Lord of Bombay, of Kausaambi, of the river ikshumati, of the forest and their dwellers, of trees, seeds; of warriors of shepherds; Lord of fire, Pepper, Poison, Medicine, Doctors, Kings, Agriculturists, of animals, thief’s, Serpents, of deserts.


Dhruva Nadi and Sun Significations

Sun Significations from Dhruva Nadi 

The sun is dark crimson in colour, Short and lean in Stature with honey-colored eyes and little hair on his head; strong boned, harsh and brutal, but a steady planet, a king, square faced, master of the animal kingdom, lord of east, with savage eyes, dweller of the Forrest but with satvic nature, lives like a grass-eating animal, strong in the day, 30 years old, with uplifted eyes, Powerful in Uttaraayna, wearing rough cloth, with five rays, dweller in a thatched house, the lord of tin, lead and precious stone Vaiduuryam and thorn trees, lord of short fruit- bearing trees, lord of ornaments worn on head, nose, neck and chest and lord of short fruit-bearing trees and of plants like ginger, bringal, beans etc.

Jaimini Astrology and Professions

Jaimini Astrology and Professions

According to Jaimini Astrology profession is to be seen from Karakamasa and the 2nd and 10th house from it.

Here attentions has to be paid to the sign occupied by Atmakaraka in Rasi an also in Navamsa, along with the 2nd and 10th from both the signs.

In these places the results are:

The Sun : Political power, Goverment service, Minister, Governer.

The Moon : Goverment service.

The full Moon and Venus : Authors, Teachers, Minister.

Mars : Printing Press, Factories, Chemicals, Metallurgy, Fire, Army, Police department.

Mercury : Business, Sculptor, Artist, Textiles, Versed in Classics, Teacher o Philosophy, Author, Editor,                                                                    Journalist, Weaver, Lawyer, Intellectual.

Jupiter : Priest, Judge, Teacher, Leader, Scholar in religious subjects and philosophy.

Venus : Author, Ruler, Minister, Ambassador, Government official.

Saturn : Ordinary  professions, Manufacture of Ammunitions  and arms, Hardware Merchant, Printing,                                                                  Body Guard.

Rahu : Dhanurvidya (archery), Drugist, Mechanic, Machinery, Doctor,  Body Guard, Swindler.

Ketu : Labourer, Driver, Mechanic, Mason, Brick Layer.

The Sun with Rahu : Chemist, Dealing with Poisons, Doctor.

Gulika aspected by the Moon : Swinling.

Ketu aspected by Venus : Religious ceremonies.

The Sun with Venus : Ambassador, Goverenment or Semi Goverment Official.