Difficulty in conception and Jyotish

Jataka Alankara gives following four simple yogas to see if the native will have difficulty in having children.

It doesn’t means that anyone having any of these yogas will not have children, but we must keep in mind that according to all masters in astrology and Jyotish at least three or more combinations should be there in a horoscope for any event to become  a possibility.

1. The Sun, the Ascendant lord and Saturn in the 7th,

2. The Sun and Saturn in the 7th and Moon in the 10th devoid of Jupiter’s aspect, the wife will never conceive.

3. If lord of the 6th, the Sun and Saturn be in the 6th and the Moon be aspected by Mercury posited in the 7th, the woman will be barren.

I will be adding many more Yogas to this articles

To be continued