Your Birth Horoscope:

 Personal Birth Horoscope Reading with Imp Events interpretations:

I will personally make your horoscope by hand and no computer generated calculations will be involved and read the Strength and Weaknesses of your horoscope and effects of Positive and Negativity of Planets effecting different departments of your life, Like Job, Business, Marriage, Children’s, Foreign traveling, Owning a vehicle, Building or purchasing a home, Education, Diseases, Financial status in life.

At first I will give you my assessment of your personal horoscope based on the data provided by you and will give imp to those areas which you want me to read more deeply, after you receive my reading you can ask me as many questions as you want with respect to my reading.

Accuracy of your reading will depend upon the accuracy of your birth data you provide to me.

In case of doubt about your accurate time of birth within a time period of 3 – 5 hours I will strongly advice you to get your horoscope rectified by me or some other astrologer who know how to rectify horoscope based on your past imp events accurately.

For rectification of horoscope see the section Birth rectification of horoscope. Without accurate data you will be wasting your money and astrologers time for nothing.

In absence of any idea of birth time no astrologer from any part of earth can read your horoscope. If you see anyone claiming that he can predict your future without time of birth and horoscope you are wasting both your time and money be aware of these charlatans.

I will write something about these mal practices especially in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Srilanka.

For your Birth horoscope reading I will need following information.

• Time of birth

• Date of birth

• Place of birth City/Country

Plus be ready to provide me some imp past events to verify accuracy of your horoscope as in case of inaccurate horoscope I wont read your horoscope. Charges for Personal Birth horoscope reading

• For birth within Pakistan, India, Bangladesh. Rs. 2000.00

• For Births all other Countries than these $. 70.00

For further details u can contact me at.

or Sms me at +923214225339


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