Effects of Nakshatras on Health

Dr.  Jagannath  Rao in his book Principles and Practices of Medical Astrology that there are twenty seven important centers, in the human body corresponding to 27 constellations of the Zodiac. Every constellation as you know is again subdivided into four parts or padas. Certain parts of a constellation are not conducive to good health.

Effects of Nakshatras on Health

1)      Aswini – 1st Pada of Aswini makes a man Melancholic and 3rd Pada is not good for general health.

2)      Bharani.—2nd Pada of Bharani is considered not conducive to good health. A person born in this quarter becomes despondent and suffers from inferiority complex; thereby his health will be affected.

3)      Krittika.—the 1st and 4th Padas are not good. The person will be of bilious nature and suffers from indigestion.

4)      Rohini.—Generally speaking, Rohini is a good constellation, but the 1st pada renders a person very susceptible to cold.

5)      Mrigasira.—the 3rd and 4th padas are not good. They cause irritability, high blood pressure and heart trouble.

6)      Aridra. — The 3rd and 4th Padas of Aridra are also considered to be bad for health. A person born in 3rd pada will generally be lazy and of unclean habits, and the one born in the 4th pada will suffer due to its own evil actions and bad sexual habits.

7)      Punarvasu. — The 1st three Padas are not considered good for sound health, and more so the 2nd and 3rd.

8)      Pushya. — 1st and 2nd Padas are not good. 1st Pada makes a man hypersensitive and 2nd Pada renders a person liable to cold and cough.

9)       Aslesha. – 2nd and 4th Padas are not good, generally speaking.

10)   Magha.—1st, 2nd and 4th Padas of this constellation are not good for health. 1st will give over-indulgence in sex, and 4th Pada gives indulgence in eating, thereby causing ill-health in some form or other.

11)  Purvaphalguni.—The 4th Pada is supposed to make a person liable to heat-boils and ulcers.

12)   Uttaraphalguni.—2nd Pada is bad, generally speaking.

13)  Hasta.—3rd Pada makes a man very sensitive and of worrying nature.

 14)  Chitra.—1st Pada, makes a man proud; he suffers much even from slight humiliation. His brain is the workshop of ‘devil’.

15)  Swati.—1st and 4th Pada, are considered, not good for health.

16)  Visakha.—The 2nd Pada gives sedentary habits.

 17)  Anuradha.—1st and 4th Padas cause indigestion and constipation, respectively.

18)  Jyeshta.—2nd and 3rd Padas are considered bad.

19)  Moola.—1st and 2nd Padas are not conducive to strong health, though they fare well under worst circumstances.

20)  Purvashada.—3rd Pada gives sedentary habits.

21)  Uttarashada.—3rd Pada of this constellation is also, not good for health.

22)  Sravana.—2nd Pada makes one, sensuous and indiscrete in sexual matters.

23)  Dhanishta.—1st Pada is said to be bad, for good health.

24)  Satabisha.—2nd Pada makes one irritable and highly strung in temperament; the 3rd Pada makes one bilious.


25)  Purvabhadra.—The 3rd pada of this constellation makes one suffer from sluggish liver constipation and biliousness, and 4th Pada makes one liable, to disease in kidney and bladder.

26)  Uttarabhadra.—1st and 2nd padas makes one irritable and wrathful in temperament and suffering in mind, due to his own hasty actions. They may suffer from attacks of epilepsy also. 4th pada makes one mentally deficient and lazy.

27)  Revati.—2nd Pada makes one sensuous and suffer from excessive sexual indulgence, and 3rd pada makes one dull-headed and slow in action. Such people do not care for personal cleanliness.


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