Affordable Gem Stones

Here u will links to different pages on Gemstones





Yellow Sapphire

Blue Sapphire




Cats Eyes

Tigers Eye

Lapiz Lazuli



9 responses to “Affordable Gem Stones

  1. Sir! this time my question is if any person wear a stone and suddenly it lost somewhere, or a crack appear on it or its colour become faded what this indicates or what the reason behind it. Plz reply. Regards.

    • Dear Naveed

      It means that Stone has become in effective after taking the bad influences which was beyond its capacity to control anymore. So in all these cases it Fades or its lost or it gets a crack or it gets out of the ring suddenly.

    • Dear Muhammad Sufyan

      Price actually depends on Quality and Weight of the Marjan

      Low quality Marjan weight around 5 to 6 Qarat can cost 1500. Pakistan Rs

      High Quality Marjan weight around 5 to 60 Qarat can cost 2500 to 3000. Pakistan Rs

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