Marital Problems

As the stress is increasing these days so is the graph of marital problem is increasing day by day.

So many divorces and separations happen due to wrong advice to the concerned parties. I have in my practised at least save more than 230 marriages from breaking because of right advice.

Normally according to my experience bricks in marital problem is triggered by afflicted planetary positions in the birth horoscopes which can be overcome with the right spiritual remedies performed regularly and sometimes it is due to transits of planets in negative positions.

If you are having any such problem I can assure you that in majority of cases it can be sorted out positively an you can contact me confidently in any such case.

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2 responses to “Marital Problems

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  2. Dear Sir,

    My name is Uzmah and I was born in Quetta in 6/10/1976. I was brought up in Spain. In 12/4/2003 I got married to Ejaz,born in Lahore, Pakistan in 20/1/1975 (or maybe 1973, not sure as his documents say 1973 and he says 1975).
    We faced many financial problems which caused frequent fights.In April 2010 he went to Canada for work, leaving me & a 3 year son (Ali, born 8/4/08) in Spain until he could afford to call us with him.For 1 year we had good communication despite distance and he was doing well financially.In March/April 2010 we met for a 3 week vacation in Pakistan with his family, we had major family tensions around, and a serious fight between us happened, as he blamed me for all our past problems in front of his family. We made peace,we came back to Spain & he went to Canada to arrange things for calling us there. These last 6 months he had financial & job issues again plus health problem:diabetes+knee pain due to extreme cold. Meanwhile I quit my job in August and packed everything to move to Canada, & Im trying to sell our house in Spain since May.There was bitternes after our vacation and lack of communication but I thought everything will be fine when we live together, I was waiting with my suitcases packed to go with him soon.

    He kept delaying as he says he could not affort it. End of September, he didnt want to talk to me & a major crisis started. By October’s first 2 weeks he behaved rudely, said he hated me for all this years tensions and wants divorce. I told him I love him and I was just waiting to be with him,reminded him of his son,our love and dreams together but nothing worked. Also,my son has some health issues and he needs his father, he had 2 operations already & still many challenges to come.

    My husband was a very loving person,I dont understand this change as I thought he deeply loved me and his son too. We struggled hard to get married, and all these years faced financial crisis so I had to work to sustain our economy, but he blames me for not taking care of the house and for all our fights in all these years. If those fights were finished then and we didn’t divorce then, i don’t understand the point in bringing them back after so many years. Maybe there’s some other woman he met (he denies it), or it’s just his frustration which became anger and hate towards me for all past bitterness + the loneliness and depression he feels for all the trouble he faces in Canada, working hard in extreme weather, and now as he has health and financial issues again and uncertainity of future so he has lost faith in us and our future together, he says he’s scared that we will have fights again due to all this problems so he decided to end this relation rather than keep trying for a better future. I’ve tried hard to convince him, I told him how much I love him and Im ready to compromise on anything. But he kept saying he’s already decided to end this relation and blames me for everything. He’s given me talaaq on the phone, and he says he will not ruju as the Imaam told me it is possible. Im very hurt, as I always loved him, never imagined my life without him. Now we have reached to a point where I feel cheated and I can’t bear more humilliation or accept further false blames so I said him ok, send me the papers for the divorce and I will not keep trying for this relation if he has become such a heartless man. But inside, I pray a lot that he changes his mind and we reconciliate, as I still love him very much & it would be too hard for me to restart my life with someone else, how can I convince him as all my efforts didnt work? I started praying 5 times namaaz and I prayed salaah-ul-hajat to ask God to help me. I’ve left it to Allah, but everyday is hard to live as I keep wondering if we will be able to reconciliate for the sake of our child?

    I also want to know abour our finances: Will my husband overcome this financial and health problems he’s facing? will I be able to sell the house as the mortgage is not affordable, or should I try to rent it? will I find another job despite the major job crisis in Spain, or should I move to Pakistan to start a new life, or will I be able to stay a housewife as I wished all these last years of struggle. What should I do at this stage of life and how long will it take it to finish?
    Im asking you as Im in deep pain and need some words which give me strength. I sincerely thank you in advance. Best regards.

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