What are Sahams



Saham is an Arabic/Persian Astrology term which in Arabic means ( Hisa) which can be translated as Lot or Part, but some ppl says that it shows an Arrow which hits the circle anywhere and in astrology by circle as we mean Zodiac of 360 degrees so Saham means that specific part of the Zodiac where this specific saham hits any degree and tells as about its outcome like any other Planet.

Some Ppl says that as in an arch to make a Hit we need an arch and an Arrow so in the case of saham also we need three points one arrow and the stretched arch two sides so its called saham.

These were also written as Arabic Parts and Arabic Lots in medieval astrology books by different Christian and Jews Scholars who translated books from Arabic to Latin Language.

Why i have to write all this, it seems now a days on web after reading some articles by these days scholars of astrology that they want to convey that this technique has nothing to do especially with Arabic or Persian as history has proved beyond doubt that these are very old tool of ancient Astrology which was used even by Egyptian and then Greek and Sassanian/Iranian Astrologers.

What i want to say is that Muslim scholars whether they were Arabic or Persian Astrologers no where said that they invented this technique but always quoted them to have from ancient astrologers books, but what today Scholars don’t tell us in their writings that Arabic and Persian Astrologers along with the ancient Sahams added a lot of new Sahams in different Branches of Astrology.


Horary Astrology

Mundane Astrology

Political Astrology

Electional Astrology

Commercial Astrology

On the other hand very few Astrologers from west know that in Indian Tajika System also there are many Sahams which some Indian scholars still try to prove were invented by thier forefathers but they fail to understand that Tajika System of Astrology was introduced in the Court of Mughal Emperors Akbar The Great in 1700 century by Muslim Persian Astrologers. Still the sahams in Indian Astrology are  written from right to left as in arabic and Persian languages and in India most of the languages are written from left to right.

Well we will write on Tajika Astrology later on and prove that it was the Astrology Developed by Persian and Arabic Astrologers not Indian Astrologers.

I will be writing a lot of articles in this series of saham where we will discuss not only ancient sahams but also some new sahams also.


One response to “What are Sahams

  1. thank you. this is very interesting and makes sense to me as i always knew astrology started with muslim arabs.
    of interest to me because i dug deeply into muslim history culture and mysticism through my marriage to a muslim for 14 years.I would like to know if I can do a study course in this somewhere. thank you.jenny ren (muslim name; jameela)

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