Talismatic Gems

10 years back my Spiritual Guru jee taught me to use specific Surahs, Ayats and 99 Asmaa Hussna (Holy names of Allah as taught in Quran hakeem) to be recited on Gems for specific purposes and the results were amazing. I have seen miracles happening after that.

Beside all this knowledge I added Electional astrology formulas to find suitable times to Recite specific Surahs, Ayats and 99 Asma Hussna (Holy names of Allah as taught in Quran hakeem) on these Gems which even enhanced their effects more and I was amazed that we can take many kinds of results from a single gem which are never mentioned in the history of astrology or gemology and I am proud that its my personal research.

Beside all these I also recommend to use specific day, specific finger and specific metal to be used to get a ring. Also sadqat are also very important to give some poor before wearing this ring.

I call these Talismanic Gems as I have seen impossible results from them.

In case you want to have charged Gems you will have to provide me the gems. If you want I can offer you most competitive rates for gems subject to availability. Its my humble saying that you wont get price offered by me from anywhere else in the world as I usually buy these gems or my clients to offer them unbeatable price from direct mines owners here in Pakistan or Afghanistan.

For consultations of Lucky Gem Stones against a nominal fee of 300 Rs u can get detailed answer for it.
If u agree pls fill the following form and submit.


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