Gem Therapy

Suitable Gem for you as per your Birth Horoscope

When to use the Gems is a question which is much disputed among Astrologers. Some say that they are used or strengthening the weak planets in Horoscope and some say that they are used to pacify the negativity creating planets.

What I was taught and also verified with my experiences is I am going to share here with you.

Gems are always used to strengthen a Planet in the horoscope to activate certain specific houses which depends from horoscope to horoscope so that it can give its desired results as promised in horoscope.

Now here again a lot of confusion seems to be prevailing among Astrologers and no satisfying formula is there for correct assessment.

Years before when I was young My Guru gee taught me his research for finding suitable gems based on our horoscope to strengthen the weak planets in our horoscope.

Over the years i did a lot of experimentation’s with different gems which i will be sharing here with u from time to time.

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