Muslim Astrology & Sahams

Muslim astrology is an area in which very little work has been done until now. What is interesting for me to see is that when western mind has no other way to deny Muslim astrology but to  acknowledge its existence they named it Medieval Astrology, wow.

Muslim Astrology has got its roots in Chaldean Astrology, Egyptian Astrology, Iranian Astrology, Indian Astrology, Greek Astrology and Roman Astrology. Its really interesting to see that Muslims authors read all the available knowledge from all the sources they can lay there hands and after synthesizing them brought to us a new form of Astrology.

Muslim Astrology broadly speaking can be divided in three basic systems although there were many more systems developing in it but i will confine for time being in the explanation of these three major systems.

  1. Natal Astrology
  2. Electional and Horary Astrology
  3. Sahams

I will explain them all in details in some other article, so for time being i will concentrate on the sahams and thru a series of different articles will try to see it in historic background till todays researches in it.

Sahams, Arabic lots, Planetary lots, Greek Lots and Arabic Parts are all same.

This is a very vast topic and very little has been written on this topic until now.

Only recently some serious study has been started on this v ancient technique by different Astrologers

I will be writing from time to time a lot of articles on this subject.


4 responses to “Muslim Astrology & Sahams

    • Dear Abdul Bari

      Pls share Following data with me to guide u properly.

      Date of Birth

      Time of Birth

      Place of Birth

      Ramal: Anyone no from 1 to 96.

      Kp Astrology: Anyone no from 1 to 249.

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