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Welcome to the Fatimid Astrological Research Group Site

In case u r interested to know about the details of services provided by me please check the following page.

My Contact…. 0092-3214225339

Whatsapp and Imo …0092-3361493353

Email …… 

Hi friends i am Amer Abbas Shah and i have been in Astrology and other allied subjects from Pakistan for last 15 years.

I have written for Four years a most popular Column on Astrology Questions and answers and Spiritual Remedies in Khabrain Group of Newspaper Sunday Magazine.

In 2009 i did a very popular show from Chanel 5 named as Subsaweray on Astrology for a year.

I have also written many popular Columns in Occult subjects Magazines in Pakistan.

My major interest has been Remedial Astrology, Relationship Astrology, Suitable names for persons or enterprises, Natal Astrology, Horary Astrology, Electional Astrology, Rectificational Astrology,

I have learned and worked in Indian and Western Astrology and know all the Major School of thoughts of both systems…

Beside Astrology from the very beginning i had been interested in other occult sciences also like Numerology, Gem therapy, Color Therapy, ILm Jaffar,Spiritual Remedies from Quran Hakeem and donations which has been an integral part of Muslim Astrology from the beginning.

I have a a huge no of satisfied clientage not only from Pakistan but abroad from Europe, America and Canada and have been a imp part to change so many peoples Life’s in positive directions.

A lot of correct predictions have been published in magazines and newspapers by me over the years.

Those interested in one to one meeting are most welcome. Take appointment before visit.


13 responses to “Contact Me

  1. you are really nice.could you please help me to find out my atmakaraka according to jaimini.i born on 16 june 1980..10:15am at shows me saturn as my atmakaraka but one of my astrology friend says rahu as atmakaraka.kindy tell me my exact atmakaraka according to jaimini

  2. Aj kal may bhoat parayshan ho waja ya hai kay meri teen sisters hai. Un kee shadi kay wastay may nay arrange karna hai is wastay may bohat puzzle ho. Last 9 saal say financial ki waja say pershani hai. May chahata ho kay mera prize bond phalya innam hasil kar lay aur un teeno kee shahdi ho jaye. Yeh qura andazi 01-11-2011 ko ho ni hai. Please help me. Thanks Muhammad Naeem 0341-4073120

  3. name of my wife nadia
    mother name of my wife rehana
    her date of birth 10 september 1980
    her birth country is pakistan
    she was born in a village near gujranwala city ( ahmed nager). she do’not her birth time.

    last 2 years we are facing lot of financial problems.due to which we always remain worried.when these problems will finished.we are not happy with our present situation and we also have no child since 9 years.doctors sayboth tubes my both tubes are blocked and she can not become mother in normal way.when she will become mother

    my name ilyas qader
    my date od birth 7 november 1968 ( time 4:30 sapaiher )in gujrat city

    my mother name ZUBAIDAH BEGUM

    i always remain worried for the marriage of my sister when marriage of my sister will possible

    my sister name RABIYA MIR

    her date of birth 17 september 1983 (time 2:00 dopaiher ) in lahore city

    my mother name ZUBAIDAH BEGUM

    • Dear Ahmed

      I have given my email and cell no in my contact page, pls check that out and call me between 10 am to 12 am and 3 Pm to 7 pm. any working day.

      You are most welcome.

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