Job Related Problems

If u are not getting job in spite of having good education in related field.

If u have good experience in the related subject but can get suitable job..

If u cant job at all..

If u get a job and then u have continuous problems in it due to which u leave it.

Whether it be a case of boss attitude problems at office or any other problem

I have solutions for all these problems. I will asses ur problem from multiple different Rohaani Aloom and then wil advice u proper remedy for it.

Remedies are of different types from recitations of Allah Asma Husna which i prescribe to my clients on case to case basis if its needed.  In some cases we need to use Talismanic Gems to overcome these problems. In some Cases i recomemd giviing of specific charities or Sadqats.

For further details u can contact me at.

Call me or Sms me at

For Pakistan

Warid 03214225339     Ufone  03361493353

For outside Pakistan calme




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