Relationship Astrology Readings Detailed

Assessment of Relationships Between two persons:

Marriage is the most imp event of life of any individual. In case of incompatibility between the couple what problems they had to face is what we all understand very clearly. So why invest our time, energy and Money in a marriage which is not going to work.

Everyday we see people getting Divorce or having separations which causes heavy strains on our financial recourses as well. These days marriages in south East Asia especially are most expensive thing for parents an also for boys and girls.

Lot of ppl spends their whole life savings on the marriages of their children’s marriages.

So it’s a lot of pain if their daughter gets divorced or separation from her husband

In India although it’s customary to get Kundali Milaap based on Moons Nakshatras before marriage but latest Astrology researches have shown that it’s not a very reliable Match Making system.

Western Astrology on the other hand uses synastry Astrology and Composite Astrology to check the compatabity of Relationships, which can give a very accurate picture o relationship between two ppl.

As much I am concerned I use a lot of techniques to assess success of relationship between two persons from ILm ul Jaffar. Numerology, Western Synastry and Composite Approach, Chinese astrology, Magi Astrology, Traditional Indian Astrology as well as K.p. Astrology relationship assessments.

Charges for Relationship Assessment for two persons

• For birth within Pakistan, India, Bangladesh. Rs.1500.00

• For Births all other Countries than these $. 20.00

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