Taurus in Love

Are You In Love with a Taurus? (April 20 – May 19)

If you are in love with a Taurus man or woman,understand that this person is a one-woman man or a one-man woman( unless Gemini predominates elsewhere in the natal chart). Primarily interested in security, this being is looking to settle down and doesn’t need alot of
movement.Preferring routine activities and traditional,established pleasures, this person is happy to continue on with whatever he or she has been doing for years. You will need to be able to fit somewhat into this already settled routine. You will attract his or her attention by giving gifts of quality; ticky-tacky is a turnoff for these practical souls. Known for their good taste, you will be more interesting to this being if you value yourself. Paying attention to your clothing and hair will help to show him or her that you understand the importance of appearance. Taureans love to stay home and get cozy in their nests. Their idea of a good time is to rent a bunch of videos and veg out on the couch or in the easy chair. They also enjoy gourmet foods and fine wines and will often have highly developed culinary abilities. These souls can definitely be won over through their stomachs, so dig up your best recipes and give it a try. They do,however, sometimes resemble their animal, the bull,in that they cannot be pushed; you will see some real digging in if you try. Gentle persuasion is a much better tool with these people.You also should be aware that, in general, they often need to ponder each word that you speak before being able to give you an answer.Allowing these souls a moment to think before expecting a response will result in a much happier relationship. Taureans also have a real need fors ecurity; you won’t make points by squandering assets or avoiding saving. These beings need to have a home base, which belongs to them and where they know they can retreat to in times of trouble. A nest egg for rainy days is also an essential.


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