Want a baby boy in conception

In third world male child is a very imp phenomenon an so many marriages are on record which has been broken on this basis.

Whatever is the reason that you want a boy? I can help you in this case base on my extensive researches in this field for last 16 years.

A lot of research in Astrology has gone in west which gives a hope for having with reasonable margin to fix the sex o child to which I have added a lot of mine research.

Plus in east there were many sciences which had their own ways of predicting the sex of child like Sur Vidya .

Chinese also have a calendar which predicts child sex with high percentage according to my researches in it.

My herbal teachers from Pakistan who are working on a new theory of Herbal system have found many medicines which guarantedly assure the birth of Boy.

My Guru jee Dr Mohammad Ayub Taji had a unique formula of Astro Herbal System which guarantees the birth of a boy. I have seen many miracles from him on this formula. I am from few of his students with whom he not only shared this formula but also made it in front of them.

I have added to all these brilliant researches some Electional Astrology combinations which were taught to me by my Guru gee and ever since i have got more than satisfactory Results.

For further details u can contact me at.

amershah@live.com or

Sms me at



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