Quick Astrology Reading and Gem Suggestion

If anybody want to ask any Question in relation to Astrology, Numerology, or Palmistry
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  • Imran Ahmad name : izhar ahmad
    date of birth : 05-jan-1980
    time : 06-45 Am
    city : bareilly, u.p india
    carrier aur financial life predication , meri kundli mein kya accha kta bura hain,,, kaun sa ratan pehnu
    mother name: noorul saba
    23 for k.p
    28.20 n
    79.29 e
  • Astrology By Amer Shah. My dear ur lagna rasi or Asc is Sagitarius according Indian Astrology and based on the data u provided. These days u are passing thru the Maha Dasa of Venus and Antar of Saturn. Your natal Saturn is positioned in 10th house and Saturn in Transit is also in 10th House as Antar dasa and Transit Saturn are both signifying 10 House in Kp Astrology so Career is of prime Importance in ur Life these days. Saturn is a hard task Master so career is not v smooth these days but some tough decisions are coming up again and again and fruits of ur labour that u put in are not coming so smoothly. but dont be disheartened Saturn this transit of 10th House is v imp from the point of view of Career.
  • Astrology By Amer Shah. These 2.5 years transit of Saturn will definitely bring many tasks to grow ur career and overall Dasa and Antar Dasa also support this so Career will get Stable in this period and u will reap its fruit in all the antar of Saturn. Which started from Feb 2012 and will end on April 2014. This is career wise Good period. Over all Venus Dasa shows a lot of growth in its period when ever antar dasas and prayantar dasas support it. But there will be some health related problems in different antars but in Saturn Antar Health is fine.
  • Astrology By Amer Shah. Venus dasa will bring fame, growth in career and some inheritance to u also, and dowry also from marriage. Venus dasa started from april 1998 and will end on april 2018.
  • Astrology By Amer Shah. Stone u should wear a Opal to strengthen Venus as it rules career and wealth houses in ur chart. Hope this much is enough for u.
  • Imran Ahmad thnx alotsss sir
    wht about marrige??
    And sir aap ki prediction bilkul sahi hain main ne last five mont mein kafi tarakki ki hain,,,,,,, agn thnxxx
  • Astrology By Amer Shah. Imran Ahmad Marriage chances are in next antar dasa of Mercury which starts from April 2014 and in it prayantaras of Mercury, Ketu and Venus all are showing chances of marriage till April 2015. Now to pinpoint month is a tough job and will take a lot more time i think this much is enough for today. Best wishes for bright future.

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