Western Astrology books


There are some very good books on Western Astrology which I want to share with all of you so that u can also enjoy them and learn something from them like me as these books are now out of copyright period so they are free to be shared so enjoy free books instead of buying expensive books.

1.  Electional Astrology by Vivian E Robson

Vivian E Robson name is well known among Astrologers working in Western Astrology due to his books on Fixed Stars Astrology, Sex and Marriage, Radix System and Electional Astrology.

I will be compiling his book on Sex and Marriage also very soon for the first time to share with all o you but for the time being enjoy his most exhaustive and excellent book written on Electional Astrology.


2.  Anthony griffin wrote an excellent Astrology books on the topic of theft in English.

I hope some of you will enjoy reading this excellent written book on this topic.


3.  Guido Bonatus Anima Astrologiae

This is a part of Large book written by Guido Bonatus based mostly on Sahal ibn e Bashar the Great Muslim Astrologer who wrote his books based on earlier tradition o Persian and Greek Authors.

This part of the book on Horary Astrology was translated by Great Astrologer William Lilly from Latin to English or the first time.

It’s a very imp work on Horary Astrology by a master.


4.  Johannes Kepler.  Concerning the more certain fundamentals of astrology

For every person interested in science Johannes Kepler name is familiar. He is the great Astronomer who first time proved it that Sun is centre o our solar system and not Earth as it was understood from ancient times until his times. He is one o most influential Astronomers o all times. Very few ppl know that besides being Astronomer he was also a great Astrologer who used to prepare Horoscopes or royalty.

Here is an Imp book which survived till now by this Great Astronomer. Enjoy.


5. Max Heindal.  Message of the Stars

Max Heindal was an excellent Astrologer and occultist from America who wrote excellent books on Introductory Astrology, Natal Astrology and Medical Astrology.

Here is his book on Natal Astrology.


6.  Max Heindal Simplified Scientific Astrology

Here is a Basic Text book by Max Heindal


7.  Sepharial primary directions in Astrology

Sepharial was a very great researcher and excellent Astrologer. He wrote a no of Excellent books which are even today most sought after books. I have lot of his books which one by one I will share you all. Or the time being enjoy his book on primary directions, he has his own version o Primary Directions.


8.  Sepharial Astrology and Marriage

Here is one more excellent book by the master.


9.  John Gadbury the Doctrine of Horary Questions

An excellent book on Horary Astrology by John Gadbury. Horary Astrology is the most imp and easy part o Astrology thru which astrologer can answer to the day to day questions asked by clients. Its importance also increases as most o the ppl who visit Astrologers are not sure about their birth data so in that case horary Astrology


10.  William Lilly Choice Aphorisms

This book was translated by William Lilly the Great English Astrologer and shared few selected Aphorisms written by Cardan presumably from some Arabic Astrology books.


11. Alan Leo Astrology for All

Alan Leo is again a great English Astrologer from London. He was the Editor of Modern Astrology and was one of the most influential astrologers or the revival o Astrology along Sepharial in England. Although there was also an allegation on him that he put a lot of theosophy in his astrological writings, but I like his works most along with Vivian E Robson, Sepharial and Max Heindal.


There are so many other books I will be sharing them also one by one over here.

Till then enjoy these titles.


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