Jyotish Books

1. Phaladeepika

As i promised to u ppl here is the first book Phaladeepika.

Its a very imp book on Jyotish and is highly recommended by Northern Indian Astrologer


2. Muhurata Astrology or Electional Astrology.

Muhurata Astrology of Jyotish is similar to the Electional astrology of west in this sense that both are used to elect a good time or any important activity of life.

I already shared a book on Electional astrology by Vivian E Robson in western system of astrology so now sharing a book on Indian Electional Astrology

Hope u will like this book also.


3. Prasna Tantra

Prasna in Jyotish means question. This book Prasna Tantra is a part of book written on horary Astrology by Neelkanth.

It’s a good beginners book or understanding the role of Tajika Astrology introduced by Muslim Persian speaking scholars Horary Astrology which is used until today by all western Astrologers. Its not time to go into the details o it I will elaborate on it in my some article.


Parashara Hora

Parashara Hora is the most important book written on Jyotish by Maharishis Parashara. Its called the most important book because almost majority of Jyotishi in India follow the different systems described in it traditionally generation after generation.



It is written by Kalyan Varma and besides Parashara Hora and Jataka Parijata it is most elaborate book on Jyotish dealing with various imp facets of Jyotish.


Bhrigu Sutram

Bhrigu sutras is a book written by Maharishi Bhrigu, beside the Bhrigu sutras it contains a commentary by our other classical books which makes this translation very imp.


Yavana Jataka

Yavana Jataka was written by Yavana Acharya and had many new concepts which are more elaborate and new from other Jyotish books. Some say it was written by some Greek Astrologer.


Jataka Chandrika













2 responses to “Jyotish Books

  1. sir
    iam really thankfull to your service. can you get books on 1)ASTAKSVARGA by B V RAMAN &K N RAO & VINAY GUPTA
    2)karma and rebirth by k n rao
    3)retrogrades and reincarnation by .B V RAMAN
    4)books on drekkana

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