Nakshatras and Diseases

Medical Astrology of East

Nakshatras and Diseases

Today we are starting a new series of articles on Indian Astrology… As most of u who have studied eastern astrology knows that in Eastern Astrology there are five pillars of Astrology.

1)      Signs

2)      Houses

3)      Planets

4)      Nakshatras

5)      Vargas

So in this series of articles we are going to cover one by one all the 27 Nakshatras and Diseases as a part of Medical Astrology as written in the ancient sources of Indian Astrology.

Very little work has been done on Nakshatras until now and this most imp topic of Medical Astrology with special reference to nakshatras  has been neglected until now by Scholars of Astrology all over the world…

With the advent of new era in Medical field where quantum physics and theories of Eastern Philosophies are seen in new dimensions we also need to look at the ancient knowledge of East with respect to Medical astrology in today’s fast Changing World with a new perception…

It’s now era of preventive medicine so we need to work on all those sciences which can help us in discovering the aspects of certain patterns of diseases in advance in newly born babies and other Humans being so that we can prevent any disease before it becomes a problem for us …

This is the Humble try towards this goal and we have to go a long long way, at first I want to bring in light all the imp points from ancient sources about Medical Astrology with respect to Nakshatras and in next series we will see the practical examples from our Data basis to see how the ancient sciences fit in with today’s discoveries..

I dedicate this series of articles to coming generations of Astrologers who will work with these initial points to make Astrology a Super Science of Future…

Before I start this series I want to point one last and very imp point with regard to readings of these points, i.e. Pls use Indian Astrology for these readings and N.C. Lahiri Ayanamsa to locate these degrees.


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