Learn Astrology

Learn Astrology: the easy way.

Here in this series of lessons i will be talking about a lot of basics and advanced techniques which will help out beginner and medium students of Astrology on how to interpret a horoscope.

I will be talking about the Astrology from many schools of Astrology i.e from Jyotish and Western Astrology. As i have worked with both systems and i feel that there is not big difference in using techniques from both systems if your basics are sound and as we all learn from experience which horoscope to use when and why, according to my understanding if you are not conversant with different schools of Astrology you will be missing a lot of links in Astrology.

To be continued


5 responses to “Learn Astrology

  1. sir can u tell me which is my lucky stone and Please tell me when will I get married?by name becoz i dont know my real date of birth (muhammad riaz)

    • Muhamma Riaz Sahab

      I need some data to tell u ur luck stone pls let me know that data and i will be happy to guide u with ur luck stone.

      ***If you want to know about which Gem stone is beneficial for you in regard to Education, Marriage, Finance, Business, Job, Home, Children, Health, Position, Foreign traveling.

      You just have to send me your Time of Question, Date of Question and Place of Question, in case u dont have ur birth info correct, along with your original name and your Mothers name and i will let you know which Gem Stone will bring a positive change in your Life and bring your benefits.

    • Dear Kishore g

      I am sorry i couldnt post any lessons on astrology yet due to some problems but now i will be posting them regularly one by one pls be in touch.

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