Galileo. A Practising Astrologer

Until quite recently, it has been difficult to find any English language references to Galileo’s astrology, (which again, some would say were deliberately suppressed) but Galileo did both practice and teach it throughout his life. Galileo stayed very busy with his consulting clientele, which included the Medici family. In 1610, Cosimo II appointed him to the post of court mathematician and philosopher (astrologer). Galileo’s Astrologica Nonulla, contains fifty pages of horoscopes, along with his notes and interpretations, which lend insight into the personal idiosyncrasies of his art.

Another interesting thing which came to the notice o historians was that Kepler  liked to correspond on Astrology with others, and one of his more famous correspondents was Galileo, with whom he communicated on matters both astronomical and astrological.


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