Raja Bhanga Yoga

Raja Bhanga Yoga

Throughout the period that I have been in astrology since 1990 I read a lot of articles where it was noted that Raja Yoga in Horoscopes were ineffective but the writer was never able to bring any logical explanation on it.

So this triggered my interest in this subject, but the surprising thing for me was that no imp work translated to English on Astrology yet has not touched this subject except Jataka Tatwa which I got from a friend in 1995 was so pleased a read a chapter on Raja Yoga Bhang in it.

Today I am sharing this same chapter with you for further research on this imp topic in Jyotish.

Dasamasa Viveka

189) If the lords of the 9th, the 11th and the 10th houses are all in depression, all the raja yoga formed may become futile.

Note: Here according to author if all the three imp houses lord which control Bhagya or Fortune, Profession and Position in society and labha house ruling monetary gain in life are weak then how can we expect to see raja yoga operating in that  person life.

190) When Bhadra tithi and Vyatipata Yoga are ruling on any day or should the birth take place at the equinoctial point; the Raja Yoga that may be formed becomes futile.

Note: Here the author has brought to our notice a very imp point related to tithi and yoga  and i think this combination needs our keen observation in practical cases.

191) Should Moon be in her extreme depression point the Raja Yoga formed may become futile.

Note: Moon extreme depression point is in Scorpio at 3 degree. Another thing which i want to emphasize here is that Sun and Moon are two royal planets among all the planets and ancients gave them a a lot more importance than any other planets if they are exalted and debilitated.

192) If the planets in exaltation occupy their depression Navamsa the Raja Yoga may become futile.

Note: We have seen this combination emphasized by all the important Jyotish Classics again and again and have seen it working in practical cases also.

193) If the Sun in his exaltation is in his depression Amsa even a prince would become a beggar.

Note: This combination again takes into consideration another Royal Planet i.e Sun and says that even if Sun is in its exaltation sign but depression navamsa i.e Libra Navamsa of Sign Aries, pls note that other signs also have Libra navamsa but Jataka Tatva emphasize on the Exaltation sign of Sun Aries and then depression Navamsa in Aries i.e Libra which Spans from 20.00 degree to 23.20 degree of Aries sign.

So this tells us that its not enough for the Raja yoga making Sun to be in his exaltation sign but in Navamsa also it should  should not be weak otherwise the Yoga will be inoperative. This is a very important principal which is often ignored by Astrologers.

194) Should the Sun in his extreme depression point, the Raja yoga would become inoperative.

Note: Here again another imp Royal Planet extreme Depression point is emphasized and as i wrote earlier for Moon that when any one of the two Royal planets are in their extreme depression points it shows that Raja Yoga if any in the horoscope will become ineffective at some point of life.

By the way the extreme depression point of Sun is in sign Libra and Aries navamsa which is from 20.00 degrees to 23.20 degrees of Libra.

195) If the Venus is in depression and occupies Leo Navamsa or his own one, the Raja yoga is not operative.

196) If planets capable of bestowing a kingdom be in depression and are in inimical houses or become eclipsed the Raja Yoga are futile.

197) Should a birth takes place at a time of public calamity like eclipse or earthquake the Raga Yoga do not operate.

198) If a planet is in his fall occupy the 10th house the Raja Yoga would be futile.

199) If four Planets are in inimical houses or depression Amsa the Raja Yoga is futile.

Note: This yoga i have seen operating in many charts again and again.

200) If the Moon or the Ascendant is without any aspect, the Raja Yoga would be inoperative.

201) If the Sun is in Leo Navamsa and is associated with a malefic planet, Moon be waning and be unaspected by any benefic, the Raja Yoga shall be futile.

202) If Jupiter or Venus be in his extreme fall the Raja Yoga if any, shall become futile.

Note: what i have observed is that they may not be in extreme fall but even if both of them are in fall or depression sign then also Raja Yoga breaks in the life and native had severe downfall.

203) If malefics be all in depression and occupy Kendra houses and benefics occupy the 6th, the 8th and 12th the Raja Yoga’s may become Futile.

204) If all the benefics be eclipsed and occupy houses other than Kendra, Rahu be in the Asc aspected by Moon and malefics are in the 3rd, 6th and the 11th houses the Raja Yoga would become futile.

My understanding about these Yoga’s.

Its not necessary that all of these combination’s will be as verbatim be present in any horoscope but these are just some guidelines for astrologers to frame out some new rules by keeping these observations of Author of Jataka Tatva.

I wiil be writing on practical charts having these combination’s and how Raja Yoga Bhang operated in them.


2 responses to “Raja Bhanga Yoga

  1. Does a raj yoga bhang mean that all raja yogas in a horoscope will be futile? My cousin brother has raj yoga bhang via:

    -Moon AND the Ascendant is without any aspect.
    -Moon in 7th without any benefic aspect.

    He has 7-8 pages of yogas in his horoscope written by a reputed astrologer, including not one but 2 neeja bhanga raja yogas – yet is jobless 6 years after graduation!!

    The neeja bhanga raja yogas are as follows:

    Ascendant is Libra.

    1. For Mercury:

    ~Mercury debilitated and conjunct with exalted and retrograde ascendant lord Venus in sixth.
    ~Also, Mercury house lord Jupiter is in 4th, in kendra from both lagna and moon(in aries).
    Therefore neeja bhang raj yog for mercury by both venus and jupiter.

    2. For Jupiter:

    ~Jupiter debilitated in 4th house but exalted in navamsa.
    ~ Jupiter house lord Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio, therefore aspect from saturn to jupiter.
    Therefore neeja bhang raj yog for jupiter by both exalted navamsa and saturn.

    For analysis:
    Horoscope Ascendant: Libra
    1st: Ketu
    2nd: Saturn retrograde
    4th: Jupiter
    6th: venus retrograde and mercury
    7th: Sun Moon and Rahu
    8th: Mars.

    Navamsa ascendant: Libra
    1st: Venus Moon
    2nd: Mercury rahu
    4th: Mars
    8th: Ketu
    9th: Sun
    10th: Jupiter and Saturn.

    Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks.

  2. I like the valuable info you provide in
    your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly.
    I am quite certain I will learn lots of new stuff right here!
    Best of luck for the next!

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