The Laws of Scientific Hand Reading

Laws of scientic palmistry

The Laws of Scientific Hand Reading was first published in 1900 and has been out of print since 1960. This classic work, complete with more than 800 illustrations.William. G. Benham made a lifelong study of hand analysis and this famous book became the standard in its field. In 1900, Mr. Benham wrote, “No help was found from professionals, for nearly all proved to be ignorant, unlettered, and trying solely to gain money, without any effort in the direction of scientific investigation. During this time the word Palmistry was so buried under a mass of public disapproval that a self-respecting person dared not say that he was even interested in it. Fully persuaded that it had a scientific foundation, I set about to discover it”

I may here add that all of u who have read palmistry know that in hand reading all books of Palmistry start with the Mounts and then Shape of Hands, but very few of you may be knowing that most important work on the mounts of hands was done by Great Benham in his this book.

He came up a new theory in this book which i am sorry to say that very few ppl ever understood completely. Instead of basis of Hand type he said that in every human only one mount is very prominent around which we should study all his hand interpretations. Its a very advanced theory and i am happy that i have done some work in this which i will share in due time with the rest of the world.


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  1. Benham’s book was first released in 1901 (not 1900) by G.P Putnam & Sons, New York. It is available iin full version from Sagar Publications, New Delhi, India.

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