Brihat Samhita and Sun Significations

Brihat Samhita and Sun Significations

Brihat Samhita is a monumental work on Jyotish especially Mundane Astrology by Great Varahmihra who is held in high esteem after Parashar in Jyotish Literature and whose books have reached us intact till now on Horary. Natal, Mundane and Astronomy.

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The Sun is the Lord of the region at the source of the river Narmada; of Bengal, Kalinga; of  Sakas;  Yavanas; of  Magdha,  Sabra, Praagjyotisha, Cambodia and China.

He is also the Lord of hunters, of people living on either side of Vindhyas and Satpuras,of those living on the southern side of river Jumna and the Dravidians living in the first half of the south. He’s the Lord of Bombay, of Kausaambi, of the river ikshumati, of the forest and their dwellers, of trees, seeds; of warriors of shepherds; Lord of fire, Pepper, Poison, Medicine, Doctors, Kings, Agriculturists, of animals, thief’s, Serpents, of deserts.