Pisces in Love

If you are in love with a Pisces man or woman,give him or her attention and sympathy. You have met here an individual who will quietly listen to the tales of your days — good and bad ? and desires only the same consideration in return.

Gentle and caring, he (she) provides a safe haven in any kind of weather and can be counted upon to get you back on track. Make sure that you do the same. Little gifts are greatly appreciated here and they need not be expensive.

The idea of the token of your affection keeps this individual smiling and returning the favor with surprises of his (her) own. hugs or other displays of tenderness are also essential for true happiness with this mate.

You may need to make a conscientious effort to keep him or her talking about his (her) feelings.Though deeply emotional inside, this particular sign — more than others– is prone to suffer in silence rather than speak out about personal irritations or letdowns. Disaster lurks down that road as unexpressed emotions carry a punch far greater than expressed ones.

Make sure that the lines of communication stay open and you can avoid this pitfall.Don’t be alarmed when this honey desires to spend time alone; it is essential for his (her) mental health. Pisces doesn’t have as strong an aura as many of the other signs do and needs to re-charge the batteries without anyone else around from time to time. Kindness also pays off in this match. Often polite, he (she) generally is not fond of harsh words or rude phrases. You have found here a person who prizes serenity above all else and one who will appreciate your efforts to keep the waters calm. Once acquired, this bond will be long-lived.


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