Virgo in Love

Are You In Love with a Virgo? (August 23 – Sept 21)

If you love a Virgo, give him or her attention to detail. Some — but not all. Virgos are neat niks and cannot stand living in a mess. Others need for you to acknowledge their ideas or accomplishments. But all will be fussy about something, and you will keep this one happy by discovering wherein lies the pet peeve and steering clear of it.

It is best if you realize that this individual has a real need for order in some aspect of his or her life. This person can be counted upon to be consistent in a particular area for you, and feels cheated if the favor is not returned. Because a Virgo is able to see the potential perfection in everything,don’t be offended if little comments arise about getting the lint off your sweater or re-working your resume. He (she) just wants you to look your best and is happy to help you do so.

Remember, too, that this person sees life largely through an intellectual window. He or she can always be reasoned with but may have a hard time dealing with displays of emotion. This doesn’t mean that your feelings aren’t important; it just indicates that you may need to explain them rather than expect this honey to intuitively understand.

A Virgo lover likes to know and follow certain ground rules so you probably should spend some time discussing his or her expectations as well as your own at the beginning of this relationship. As long as you keep the lines of communication open, this should ward off any potential misunderstandings in the future. You won’t, however, find a more loyal mate anywhere.This is one honey who keeps all of his(her) loving for you alone and expects you to do the same.

Fresh sheets and clean skin turn this person on more. Respect for this one’s person and belongings keep him or her right by your side.


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