Some universal Remedies of Lal Kitab for everyone

Sweet loaves of bread, specially baked in Tandoor, should be offered to animals every month for warding off sickness, quarrels and other troubles, caused by Mars negative in the horoscope.

Place a pot of water under the headside of the bed at night and pour it on a tree or plant in the morning.

Eat and drink from silver utensils for strengthening Moon and reducing evil effects of Rahu.

Do not look down upon elderly people and monks; do not annoy your father. This will help your Jupiter.

Take meals in the kitchen; avoid eating on a bed; dispose of articles which have not been used for decades; do not clutter your house/office with unnecessary articles. This will reduce the bad effects of Rahu, whose job it is to cause unnecessary and avoidable worries and fears.

Do not cause harm to dogs; if possible, feed them. This will improve effect of Ketu, symbolic of son and luxurious life.

From one’s own meal, a chapati or a piece of it must be offered to cows, crows, monkeys and dogs for all round well being and prosperity.

Further, we all believe that going to a Mosque, Church and temple for offering prayer is always a good thing, which must be admired and encouraged. But according to Lal Kitab, the native having a malefic planet, especially Saturn in 8th house, when 2nd house is empty, must not visit temples or other places of worship. Rather he should bow his head from outside. Similarly, if planets occupying 6th, 8th and 12th houses are inimical to each other and 2nd house is not occupied by any planet, the native must avoid visiting Mosque, Church and other religious places of worship.


2 responses to “Some universal Remedies of Lal Kitab for everyone

  1. what crap in this century, don’t go to temple. Hello some people get peace going there no matter what. But other stuff is generic and I agree on it.

    • My dear HH

      What i wrote on the above paragrah is what Lal Kitab describes about some planetary combinations in the horoscope and it is not according to my belief. i totally agree with what you have said but as a student of spiritual sciences always go after observations and not what i believe.

      Well i will just tell you about an observation of mine in the case of client who had Saturn in 8th house according to lal kitab horoscope, that person started suffering a lot of problems after he started visiting a Mizar or Temple in Lahore.

      This is just an observation.

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