Profession and service in KP Astrology

Profession and service in KP Astrology


Consider the houses 2,6 and 10 ( 2nd bank balance, self acquisition;6th services rendered, day to day attendance on duty and thereby earning; being 12th from the 7th denotes loss to others and gain to self, hence receiving money from others;10th profession, either in independent vocation or in service).Sun is the chief governor of profession.

Change of profession or service

Consider the houses 1, 5 and 9th for change of profession or service (being 12th from 2, 6 and 10 respectively).

Promotion or rise in career or fortune

Consider the houses 2,6,10 and 11 for promotion rise in career or fortune; or for re-instatement in service.

For transfer in service with change of place

Consider the houses 3, 10 and 12 for transfer in service with change of place (3rd-journey; being 12th from the 4th shows absence of the present residence i.e. change of place; 10th employment; 12th life in completely unfamiliar atmosphere.

Suspension from service

Consider the houses 1, 8, 9&12 for suspension from service 1st is 12th from the 2nd- absence of self earning; 8th suspension is one form of penalty; 9th is 12th from 10th-absence of status, position, power and name; 12th – loss in general).

Retirement from service or dismissal

Consider the houses 1, 5, 9 and 12 for retirement from service or dismissal; or loss of status in any walk of life (5th is the 12th from 6 i.e. absence of regular attendance on duty); also consider the house 8 if the native comes under the scheme of gratuity and provident fund.


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