Foreign Travels and KP Astrology

Foreign Travels and KP Astrology

Foreign Traveling

Consider the houses 3, 9 and 12 for foreign travels (3rd is 12th from 4th i.e. away from the permanent place; 9th long journey, foreign travel. 12th- life in an unknown place or completely unfamiliar atmosphere).

Returning to home country from foreign land

Consider the houses 3,9 and 11 for returning to home country from foreign land (11th meeting ones own kith and kin, reunion of relatives)

Moon is the chief governor of journey.

I will be adding a lot of practical examples from my files to show how these rules apply in practical cases.


5 responses to “Foreign Travels and KP Astrology

    • My Dear Muhama Ali

      You sent me ur date o birth and no other info.

      For Astrology Horoscope we need lot o informations like
      date of birth.
      Time of birth……….. exact its most imp
      and Place of birth.

      V sorry for so late answer but i was having some problem in opening my site thru my server or last two months.

      • Dear Hema

        I am very sorry for such a late reply as i was v v busy due to some family problems along with my job.

        Hema you forgot to submit your city of birth so pls send me this vital info also that where were you born.

        Pls give me a day or two to go thru your horoscope and then i will let you know when you can go to some foriegn country.

        In the mean time pls convey me your mother name.

        Thanks and best Regards

        Amer Shah

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